In the (day) Garden


Clearing out some old rolls as I figure out how to manage Silverfast.

It has really made me hate scanning…

I wish the replacement scanner hadn’t broken VueScan.

On another note, if you’ve never had a chance to watch the kids show “In the Night Garden” you really should…


(For real.)



4 thoughts on “In the (day) Garden

  1. -N- says:

    Mark – always enjoyable just to see kids and family. Your colors are really nice. On an aside, how can Vuescan have been broken?? That is making me curious, as I use it all the time, even after I’ve blown up the computer and reinstalled it . . .

    • mewanchuk says:

      Hi N,

      (Sorry I don’t know your full name!) Simply by changing the hardware attached (plugging in a replacement Opticfilm scanner…) the “Infrared Clean” option no longer worked properly. The corrected dots are all predictably mis-aligned or incorrectly offset from the visual defects themselves. Oddly, this problem first occurred when I initially got my Opticfilm (I was using an older version of VueScan…) but a software update fixed the issue.

      Despite using the most recent version of Vuescan, the problem seems to have reappeared with the new hardware. Most strangely, Silverfast seems to be able to compensate for the issue. I have emailed Ed Hamrick from VueScan (and while he doesn’t LOVE the Opticfilm…😃) I am hoping to receive a response. I am guessing that something has now changed in the hardware which has rendered VueScan’s settings inaccurate.

      (…Here’s for hoping!)


  2. -N- says:

    Hi Mark –

    Interesting. Hardware can be a pain. I would be frustrated, too. Hamrick seems responsive in that the upgrades are good for life, which is why I got it rather than Silverfast, as well as it is for many, not just specific, scanners. Best of luck to you in that arena.

    I just bought the Epson V600 (though maybe I can get my hands on a family member’s Nikon 9000 or whatever it is!) to do my own scans of 120. My first scans were filthy, but I didn’t clean off my film or the scanner, because I just wanted to see how it worked. This weekend, I will look at cleaning things up.

    Let us know how things work out for you – meanwhile, keep shooting!


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