9 thoughts on “Toiling

  1. -N- says:

    All my sewing stuff is safely stashed away . . . phew! Not enough time in the world for all the things I want to do! Sometimes, the machines crawl out . . . and take over. Right now, though, it is the film cameras and scanners that are dominating the scene. If you love sewing, it’s a kick.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Naomi,

      Imagine the scene here…my film cameras and scanners (and film, and you name it…) and her sewing stuff (and patterns and vintage fabric collection, etc, etc…)

      She’s got quite an impressive collection up on Instagram!


    • mewanchuk says:

      Jordan, Joe…

      The officials have determined that the prize money shall be split equally between you.

      It is indeed a Kiev 88CM-MLU, re-manufactured by Arax.

      …Bona fide Ukrainian junk!!


      (I’m allowed to say that because I’m a failed Ukrainian!)

      More to follow…


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