6 thoughts on “Cold and Warm

  1. Joe shoots resurrected cameras says:

    I must have not have been paying close enough attention, I didn’t know you were dipping your toes into the world of Leica screw-mount lenses! I’ve been wanting to go that route for a while myself, I think it’s a pretty good deal on both bodies and lenses. I’d never go with a screw-mount Leica, but those later Canon bodies look pretty good to me, with all their ultra-modern features like swing-open film door and thumb winder, which makes me wonder why anyone would prefer the Canon IV… 😉 The Summarit looks great for black & white, but I dunno about color so far, I think it might be a bit old for that, though maybe it would tame Ektar nicely?

    • mewanchuk says:

      Hi Joe,

      It’s true–I’ve had the Canon since the summer, and have kind of been “dabbling”. I held a friend’s a few months back, and was impressed at what a mechanical marvel it is. They have got the early Barnack Leicas beat for sure. Shooting with it is definitely a whole new experience–different shutter speeds, different winding, different viewfinder, etc. The index marker on the film winder is only marked up to ISO 200, which is kind of unique in a “historical interest” sort of way. Loading it is definitely the weak link–I can certainly see how an open back model would be much more attractive…

      The only thing to keep in mind when purchasing a IV (or IVSb) is that you probably need to factor in the cost of a CLA and shutter curtain replacement by Jedi Master Youxin once you secure one. I have had two, and they both had pinholes all over the shutters. An index of my photos taken with the camera may be found here.

      As far as the Summarit goes, I have had the lens for a bit longer. I managed to find a beautiful specimen with only extremely faint haze (at least I think there may be a touch of haze present…) I have shot it on digital, colour, and B&W film. The aperture ring is backwards (which takes some getting used to) and the background rendering can be a bit busy, but it is definitely a nice character lens worth having about. Photos taken with it may be found here. Rendering on color film is actually not bad at all, assuming that it isn’t shot wide open at background vegetation (that can get a bit bizarre!)

      All the best,

      • Joe shoots resurrected cameras says:

        Eeew. I’ll hold out for a Canon 7, thanks, don’t need the problems of the IVsb. I saw your color pictures with the Summarit, can’t say I’m too impressed with the Portra shots, and the M9’s color looks way too unreal, got a bit overzealous with the vibrancy slider, hmmmm? Not that I know much about it, but the older low-contrast lenses were definitely designed more with black&white in mind, but that’s why I’m wondering how Ektar would look, considering it’s wild to begin with, if it would make up it. Can I request you try that out, sometime? 🙂 I also think the Summarit looks really wonderful at 1.5

      • mewanchuk says:


        I am -officially- insulted.


        (I can’t believe you don’t like the Portra…I love the look of those photos!) As for the Ektar, it is too dark ’round these parts for that sort of thing right now, so that experiment will have to wait a bit. I will, however, put it on the ‘ole “to do” list!

        Good luck in your search for a nice 7…

        Cheers, M.


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