Drab, Dark, Cold, and Moody



The first two were taken on the Arax-60 with the Flektogon 50mm on RPX-400, pushed somewhere WAY north of ISO 3200.  It was nearly pitch-dark when I shot them.  And also cold.

The last four were taken on the Arax-CM with the standard 80mm Arsat (pronounced “Arse-HAT” I am really serious) lens using Tri X and developed in Rodinal.  I was actually testing a new focus screen, and looking for “pillars” on the focal plane shutter–These are vertical bands of dark and light due to uneven movement of the massive shutter across film plane.  This differential speed is essentially why Hasselblad abandoned focal plane shutters in their earlier models.  The Ukrainians remained undaunted.






4 thoughts on “Drab, Dark, Cold, and Moody

    • mewanchuk says:

      C’mon Karim…you’ve been around here long enough to know the answer to that question…


      In truth, the reason behind these cameras is, quite simply, the glass. The P6 mount CZJ lenses are fast, well constructed, and highly undervalued…giving them a try is worth the aggravation of putting up with these extremely quirky cameras.


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