5 thoughts on “More Mandler

  1. Peter | Prosophos says:

    The sharp (without a hard edge) and simultaneously delicate qualities of the 90/2 pre-asph are amply demonstrated with these images (which are excellent in every respect).

  2. Karim D. Ghantous says:

    The first shot is beautiful. How much wall space do you have left? 🙂

    I’m starting to wonder if we need b&w film anymore. Odd, because the usual story is that b&w film is seen as the flagship of film photography. Colour is a different story, though. Fuji Superia is superior to even the most expensive full-frame digital camera.

    • jkjod says:

      I find just the opposite – and maybe it’s just part of the process that I love, but for B&W I’m not sure film will ever be beaten (for me personally). I can never make my conversions sing like HP5 or Double-X. There is just a certain feeling to B&W film that I just love. Especially when shot in larger formats.

      You are making the 90 sing Mark! The light in both of these are fantastic.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Sorry Karim, but I agree with Jordan–if there is one thing for me that WON’T be replaced, it is B&W film. To me, it is the very essence of photography–As long as there are chemicals, I’ll be shooting it.


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