I shot this roll specifically to get these two shots.

The first is the new Takumar 150mm f/2.8, and the second is with the standard 105mm f/2.4–both wide open.


12 thoughts on “Angelic

  1. -N- says:

    Success – lovely color renditions and compositions. Are you still processing your own color film?

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks very much Naomi–and yes I am.

      I simply could not stand the expense and turn-around time of having it sent out. (Plus, most just don’t take care of the film properly!!)


  2. Andy Gemmell says:

    Wow…that second image is advertising material! Wonderful…everything about it. Baby J on her toes, the interaction with mum, the clothes (has the producers hands all of it), the fact you can not see their faces, the light, the floor boards……the list goes on.

  3. greg g says:

    That first image is engaging; the second, just stunning. I could see how a certain practical sensibility might complain about it as a “portrait”, but as a romantic (as in John Keats was a romantic poet) and artistic portrayal, it may very well be the best mother/daughter image you’ve ever posted. Really, just great… stunning, stunning, stunning.

  4. jkjod says:

    Both are really great, but I agree that second image has something extra to it. Love the high key look , and as mentioned already Baby J up on her toes is fantastic. Well done my friend – worthy of some ink and paper I would think!!

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Jordan. The “high key” look was obviously a necessity given the strong backlighting…I was quite worried about the exposure.

      Anyway, I’ll definitely put it on the list of prints to print!


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