Ecce Sancti Gradalis…


“Behold…the Holy Grail.”


10 rolls from the ‘Bay.

Pricing was not overly rational; but it was this, or Cinestill I suppose…

I do not currently possess the camera that will shoot this, but I know which one it will be.

Hopefully the film is okay.


4 thoughts on “Ecce Sancti Gradalis…

  1. jkjod says:

    Nice! Hunting for film is part of the fun!!

    Quick random thought, I see the Arax 60 has a similar strap lug to the Pentax 67 on the shutter release side. Do you think you could use a similar wood grip to the one you had on your Pentax 67? Think this would improve the ergonomics as all?

    • mewanchuk says:

      Hi Jordan,

      The wooden grip requires two vertical strap lugs, and a special “pop-in” pin slot to anchor it on…Otherwise a great idea!


  2. Joe shoots resurrected cameras says:

    Lovely. I remember when Fuji announced its discontinuation because I didn’t know they made it in medium format. I immediately got on Amazon to look and it was still only $35 for a pro pack, but as I didn’t have a camera to use it with (and still don’t), I gave it a pass. I don’t even know of a good place to see examples, so I’m really excited to see what you do with it!

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