The April Fools


So yesterday I learned that my new focusing screen wasn’t properly shimmed (despite what I had previously thought…) and so a bunch of important photos that I had taken with my Dad were actually out of focus.

Even at f/8 they were severely back-focused.  (Amazing what a difference a tiny little layer of Dymo tape can make…0.2mm!)

So this morning, armed with a fixed shim, some good light, and some (briefly) co-operative children, I shot an entire roll of HP5+…

Only to realize that the dark slide was ACTUALLY IN, and the whole roll would be BLANK.

Now you may wonder how this might be possible, but on the Bronica ETRSi (Big reveal! Big reveal!) the function of the dark slide actually depends on it being inserted in the correct orientation (Yes, there is an “upside-down” that allows it to be “dark” but not actually activate the camera lockout.

Thus, an April Fool like myself had somehow managed to successfully defeat an important safety feature.

Not to be deterred, I loaded up this roll of XP2, and went for broke.

Luckily the kids were more than willing to ham it up.




Fortunately the screen problem appears to be fixed.

Oh and one more thing:




5 thoughts on “The April Fools

  1. jkjod says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the pictures with your Dad, hopefully you can re-do some of them in the future.

    I am running a roll through a new camera…and halfway through I realized I didn’t push the film holder in 100%. Not sure if a single frame will show up. The trials and tribulations of film I suppose (or me being careless and in a hurry, but I prefer to call it the former)

    It is good to hear that you, too, are human Mark and its not just me that does things like this 🙂

    • mewanchuk says:

      You know what they say Peter: The more you shoot, the more likely you are to make a mistake at some point!

      (Actually, I don’t know whether they say that…and who “they” really are…but it sounded wise, so I went with it).


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