A site you must see.


Haunting and unspeakable.

April 26th is the 30-year anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

Most people don’t realize that Europe would have been all but obliterated were it not for the actions of those who gave their lives to shut down the reactor, extinguish the fires, and construct the (now heavily deteriorating) concrete sarcophagus.

It was estimated that those working on the roof itself reached their lifetime dose of radiation in approximately 40 seconds–not to mention the three engineers that went on a dive into the cooling pool to drain the cooling floor and prevent a secondary explosion.  It has been postulated that should the the sarcophagus collapse (currently at end-of-life…) the resulting disaster would be much worse than the first, and would likely blanket most of Europe.

If you have some time, the history is truly worth the read.


3 thoughts on “A site you must see.

  1. -N- says:

    You are absolutely right – this is a “must read” article. Recently, articles point to logging of trees from the area. Other articles, from years ago, had radiation-laden wild mushrooms being used as food sources. People exposed to the radiation are in monitoring programs worldwide, depending on where they have moved. In Fukushima, we await further developments. In California, as part of the ring of fire, we have our own issues with which we should be concerned, as do Oregon, Washington, and coastal Canada and Alaska. The roentgen levels alone are terrifying to see.

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