8 thoughts on “Snow Covered Field

  1. andygemmell says:

    I’m with Karim…that last one is a beauty. Particularly with that backlighting.

    Btw I traded my M4 in for an M6TTL. Just had have a meter :-)! (And I just couldn’t be bothered using one on the street….).

      • andygemmell says:

        Was another reason to change over. Though as you’ll know it’s really a lot more logical (imo) as your “backwards” highlights I’m guessing!

      • mewanchuk says:

        I don’t know that I’d agree with “more logical” Andy…

        My M6 Classic matches my M3; I just think about where I want to move the BACK of the shutter speed dial (as opposed to the FRONT of the dial with the M6 TTL…) Most importantly, the direction of the aperture ring and the shutter speed dial match on the Classic version…it’s all mixed up on the fancy-pants TTL.

        (Yes, I know we could argue about this for days…but it’s my party…)


        Anyway, the TTL is a great great camera…I’m glad you found one that you’re happy with!


  2. andygemmell says:

    Oh ok…you win….but I’m from Australia and everything is backwards down this way :-)!

    On a serious note I’ve read this a number of times re the direction of the aperture and shutter dial…but it has never entered my head when using them. I don’t tend to change aperture a lot though. I’ve always have used the front of the dial whether it’s a MM, Mamiya 7 or M4/M6TTL.

    And then some digital thug comes along to throw away any muscle memory we may have had!

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