So here is an interesting story for you:

These two photos were taken about six months apart.  I had a roll of film in the camera that I actually forgot about.  When I shot the rest of the roll, I assumed it was ISO 400.  (No, I didn’t label it, thank you…)


When I finally completed it, I realized that it was actually ISO 50, and that the last six pictures were at least 3 stops underexposed.  The worst part is, I couldn’t remember whether the first six pictures were the ones worth saving, or the last six.  As a result, I stand-developed them in Rodinal 1:150 (1 hour) and actually ended up with usable images on both ends of the roll.  Here are two examples–both summer and winter.


4 thoughts on “Two

  1. serialphotographer says:

    Cracking shots and remarkable given what happened. I’ve used rodinal forever and love the acutane it gives but I’ve never tried the stand dev I’ve seen folk posting on here who have and it seems to enhance the end result especially if it’s harsh lighting.

    Methinks having seen your post I will on the next roll out of the camera. 😀

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks SP.

      It is remarkably easy and forgiving– Somewhere between 1:100 and 1:150 at around 20 degrees Celcius. Agitate for first minute, and then leave it be!


    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Jordan!

      …that’s what wristwatches are for!


      In truth, the process is very forgiving–I once left a roll in for three hours, and the end product still looked quite good, with some higher contrast. I think the low concentration of the developer basically just exhausts itself.

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