In the Bunker


This is just Mini-paintball for a birthday party…

But on this solemn day, it is hard to believe what mere boys went through for freedom, and for our world and country.

Pray that the spreading infection of “intolerant nationalism” not bring us once again to the same dark place.


7 thoughts on “In the Bunker

  1. -N- says:

    Mark – I fear it will occur, more and more as the world cannot support its populations of people, and sadly, the rest of the planet (plant and animal). As places become inhabitable, people will try to move; we have already witnessed in the Middle East and Africa, both because of climate change and ideology. Be glad you are north of here … at least you still have water, trees, plants, animals, and resources to support your country … and you have a small population.

    • mewanchuk says:


      It’s sad, isn’t it? (BTW: funny how I understood your comment the first time I read it, even before you clarified…)

      In any case, I truly believe that we have the means a species to eliminate the suffering of all–if only we could all want for what we need, and ensure everyone else has the same. Such a paradox in the world around us…someone labouring for cents a day, and another making 70 million a year “working” as a CEO.

      God help us all.


  2. andygemmell says:

    Nice bunker image Mark! The commentary and image had me thinking “Lord of the Flies!

    We have our own “nationalism” theme going on here…..but let’s just say….we are a little more laid back about it!

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