I have seen this car near us a few times, and have been longing to photograph it.

It is a beautiful, deep orange.

I had some old “Retrochrome 320” that I bought from the FFP long ago–it was meant for cross-processing.  Seeing as how my E6 chemistry was bordering on spent, I decided to give it all a go.  The Retrochrome was shot at 640 and pushed one stop in development.  The film is clearly ancient, and the chemicals close to exhausted, but I like the way these turned out.

The car obviously has a story to tell…and a surprise in the back.








13 thoughts on “Laurentian

  1. -N- says:

    Makes me think of an old clunker 59 Ford my brother had . . . he had the two back seat doors chained together to keep them from flying open when he took a corner (probably way too fast!). Nothing like those old fins to bring on the nostalgia. Any furry dice in the window? (BTW, the old car and film / dev combo is perfect!)

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks very much Jordan; The hat certainly adds an element of the mysterious–kind of a “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” sort of thing!!



      • Peter | Prosophos says:

        I’m partial to the title shot for it’s sense of grandeur, and also to the second last one for the brilliant composition (steering wheel and hat occupying opposite sides of the frame), but artistically the last of the hat alone is very, very nice as well.

        Okay, that’s three I’ve mentioned but I couldn’t exclude any one of them.


      • jkjod says:

        I like the first and the hat/steering wheel. But they are all stronger as a set – you lose some of the story with out the first few.

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