“Oh this ain’t a Jelly Gun, Sunshine…..”


So it turns out I pretty much ruined the first roll of slide film;

Over-estimated the effect of age on sensitivity (it is probably newer than I thought…) and then over-developed to boot (105F instead of 100…)

Managed to salvage a few shots, but it isn’t pretty.

In any case, three possible points if you know:

  1. Which movie?
  2. Who said the quote?
  3. What the ACTUAL weapon was.

(Oh…and bonus points if you know IN DETAIL who the quote was said TO…)




I have appended a comparison scan from the Opticfilm 120 just to reassure the naysayers among you (I’m lookin’ at you, Ghantous…) that there is little detail left in the scan that the Noritsu is not picking up.  Yes, the WB is different and such, but it is not a scientific comparison.


Just a comparison.  That’s all.

3 thoughts on ““Oh this ain’t a Jelly Gun, Sunshine…..”

  1. Peter | Prosophos says:

    Let’s dispose of the business matters first. The answers to your questions are:

    1. Despicable Me 2
    2. Dr. Nefario
    3. Fart gun
    Bonus. The words were spoken to El Macho after his epic battle with Gru.

    (what do I win??!!!!)

    Now, let’s change the subject to…

    1. Your son’s T-shirt: Love it.
    2. The photo: great save, given it was over exposed.
    3. A little known fact about me: I once brought my son’s replica Fart Gun to work and fired it off a few times.

    • mewanchuk says:


      We have a winner!!!!


      (However, I am going to have to deny you the bonus points, as the judges were looking for “Purple Monster El Macho transmutated by the PX-41 Serum”

      In any case, your prize is, of course, in the mail.

      The funny detail about this photo (many thanks, incidentally…) is that we offered him a reward for “Finishing Grade One” (Just about anything at Walmart he wanted…within reason) and he of course picked…the aforementioned Fart Gun.

      (Which is pretty darn hilarious, I must say…)

      On another note, I have just updated the post with a secondary scan from the Opticfilm, for comparison purposes.

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