Medium Format Scanner-Testing Doggo

(or “MFSTD” for short)

Epson V600 with the BetterScanning holder and ANR Glass insert.

Definite increase in sharpness…will try and put some comparisons together.


Here is the same scan performed with SilverFast SE Plus.  The film profiling seems to make a slight difference in terms of overall “richness” (And yes, I do know there is a slight difference in exposure.  The files are processed in exactly the same manner in LR: Spot removal, Clarity +10, Sharpening +20 with Masking 1)

Basically what I have determined is that the Better Scanning holder gets you consistency, and stability.  (It is not a complete “slam dunk” over the stock holder if you have been rigorous about film flatness…) It certainly will not turn your $300 scanner into a $2000 scanner…but it WILL allow you to consistently achieve the best results possible with your V600.

Included below is a comparison scan with the OF120, performed at 2600 DPI (instead of the 3200 DPI from the scans above…) DO NOT click on it if you would like to remain satisfied with the V600.


(Don’t get me wrong…for the cost and ease-of-use, the V600 puts out more than adequate results for small output, and web use.  However……)


13 thoughts on “Medium Format Scanner-Testing Doggo

  1. Steven Lawrence says:

    Thanks for doing this. I own a V600 and so am interested in whether the holder is a good purchase.

  2. -N- says:

    My same thoughts as Steven Lawrence – was looking at it just yesterday as a matter of fact. Doggo is pretty darn cute!

  3. -N- says:

    Very good info. I have generally been pleased with my Pakon for 35mm and use the V600 with 120mm, using default software and film frames. The biggest complaint I have is just getting dirty negs back from developing. BTW, where are the sensors on the V600? I need to clean those up most likely.

    • mewanchuk says:


      That is indeed a great setup.

      The sensors on the V600, I wouldn’t touch. It is actually a moving bar that is usually hidden from view. If you are having issues with sharpness, it is likely a film flatness problem, or the inside of the flatbed glass has developed a slight haze (You will have to find a way to take the glass flatbed off, and clean the inside with some lens wipes. It appears that it was easier to do on the 700 series, as the screw holes are not visible on the flatbed of the V600…)

      Good luck,

      • -N- says:

        Thanks – wasn’t aware of where the sensor was. Why I sometimes get lines, and not other times has been a long term question with the V600.

  4. jkjod says:

    You do realize that it’s impossible to truly test lenses and scanners until you get the ISCT (internet standard cat target).

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