6 thoughts on “Peace, Man…Peace.

    • mewanchuk says:

      …lol. And that’s not all!


      – The resolution advantage over the Pakon 135+ is fantastic. (I believe you’re using the 235 or higher, so your mileage may vary…) The colour correction is also very reliable.

      – The scanner has some quirks, but no more so than the Pakon really. The software will at least run on Windows 7, so that is a step up.

      – It will also scan many of my troublesome Polyester-based films (Rollei Retro 80S, Ilford Pan F+) so that is a huge improvement for me–The Pakon just wouldn’t do them, forcing me to manually scan on other options.

      – Furthermore, there are real B&W and Slide profiles, so that has produced a big increase in usability

      – You can manually adjust the density of each image individually in the pre-scan

      – Finally, the focus is manually adjustable through the software, so hand-calibration is possible.

      All-in-all, it was a big expense (and a lot larger footprint!) but well-worth the transition for me.

      (Still keeping a backup Pakon though!)

      All the best,

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