5 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. -N- says:

    Dogs are so faithful!. Last week while the flu reigned, I couldn’t get the dogs to leave my husband’s side . . . they just lay on the floor next to the bed, even if I tried to lure them out with treats.

    • mewanchuk says:


      The dogs probably realized how ill your husband was…in my personal experience, wives seem not to do that.


      (Kidding…flu is no joke. I hope he has made a full recovery, and you were not stricken with the same deathly illness!)

      • -N- says:

        Mark – thanks. The Esposo is doing well with only a lingering cough. 3 days off work, Tamiflu. Oddly, he was scheduled to get his flu shot the day after he got the flu. I had mine last fall, so if I had it, it was possibly an afternoon when I ran a weird fever of 100F for a few hours a couple of weeks before it arrived in full fury.

        Oh, I did realize you were kidding! I am the one who forced him to go to the doctor despite his “manly” protests of “tomorrow!” B-)

      • mewanchuk says:


        Sadly, it has been a bad year for Influenza–the vaccine has only been about 10% effective (a guess was made on the wrong strains…) so even having the shot is not really all that protective.

        Glad to hear he is doing better!


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