Roll Seven – The 100 Roll Project

This roll had me seriously wondering whether I should give up colour film photography forever…

But I did get one of my favourite shots ever, so I guess it all works out.

2 thoughts on “Roll Seven – The 100 Roll Project

  1. greg g49 says:

    Item Primus:: surely you exaggerate… if I could do half what you accomplish with film, perhaps I’d consider the extra effort to shoot with it. Item Secundus: surely quality over quantity all day, every day. Item Tertius: several of these are wonderful in their own right, especially elder son and little short legged mischievous canine critter. Items Quartus and Quintus: well actually there are no quartus or quintus… I only put those in here to misrepresent my latin faculties… because, you know, lawyer. HA!

    • mewanchuk says:


      If I understand your latin-lawyerspeak correctly, I believe I should say thank you. And possibly call my attorney. But I’m not sure.


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