Roll Ten I Guess…

So here’s the thing:

I am not loving this Portra indoors, and in the dark.  It really does not like mixed lighting, and colour-correcting some of it is close to impossible.

Second, I wonder whether I am trying too hard as a result.  I may have to let this project lie for a while, until photographing outdoors is again a possibility.

Third: I think I am actually mostly a B&W photographer.

Finally, I debated whether or not I should post the last two converted to B&W (it is, after all, a “hundred rolls of Portra” thingy…) but it IS what I would do if I was just normally shooting it, so converted they shall be.  I just couldn’t colour-correct them to the point that I was satisfied with the images, and I do think they are much stronger in B&W.

So there you have it.

(Oh yeah…and this is pushed to ISO 800, and pre-flashed in Rodinal for 8 minutes).

8 thoughts on “Roll Ten I Guess…

  1. Karim Ghantous says:

    Don’t worry about colour balance – all you have to do is bring down the strongest one (but don’t eliminate it) and you’re good. 😉 Lovely photos, and I love the one of your niece’s mother’s sister’s eldest girl.

  2. Peter | Prosophos says:

    Funny, I don’t consider you a strictly B&W photographer. I enjoy your colour film photography as much, probably more, and it is not because of colour accuracy. No… like everything else to do with film, it’s more about the emotive qualities.

  3. mikeyjive says:

    I’ve always found that the Fuji films performed better under artificial lighting and when home-developing. That said, I currently have a roll of Portra 800 in the camera with an 80a filter up front to see if that could be a way to go. Losing two stops with that filter so it’s going to be mostly f/1.4 and 1/30 sec., but we’ll see what happens! These will also be going to a lab for dev/scan just to eliminate the home dev color oddities from the equation.

    • mewanchuk says:


      My experience has been the same–If I wasn’t mad at Fuji (discontinuing all their films dammit…and not really a raving fan of [expensive] 400H…) I probably should have done a “100 rolls of Superia 400” project instead. Portra 400 is also more sensitive to small changes in temperature, with magentas in the blacks and such.

      …Anyway, thinking of selling off a WHOLE pile of Portra 400.

      Any takers?


  4. mikeyjive says:

    … I’ve also found recently that Capture One Pro is extremely helpful in correcting the difficult color casts. Using the Color Balance tool, it’s fairly easy to isolate casts in the highlights/midtones/shadows… seems like some of your shots here could have Magenta added/Green reduced from the highlights and then maybe a bit of Cyan/Green added to the shadows. I recently tweaks a roll of CineStill that I got back from the lab that was showing a greenish tinge to the highlights. It was a quick adjustment and saved the roll for me. I’d been trying this sort of thing with Lightroom curves but find the Capture One tool to be much more intuitive.

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