10 thoughts on “It’s a Roll, I Reckon…

  1. Chris R says:

    I have to bite… what does “pre-flashed in Rodinal” mean? AFAIK Rodinal (or the modern equivalent, eg R09) is a black and white developer often used in stand developing and tending to produce large grain. Yet these pics are clearly colour (and very nice, too).

      • Chris Rusbridge says:

        Personally, I use Superia 400 (or Agfa Vista 400, which is the same film rebadged) as an everyday winter film. But if I had something special to shoot I’d definitely prefer Portra 400 (if not Ektar, depending on the subject). I really like Portra’s pastels, and sometimes find the Superia colour a bit dense (but I do slightly over-expose it)…

      • mewanchuk says:


        From a “home hobbyist” standpoint, I have basically given up on Portra 400. I find it too finicky to develop, with too much magenta in the blacks for my liking. That being said, there is nothing quite like lab-developed Portra…I just don’t have the budget. (Or the patience!)

        The Agfa 400 is also a personal favourite of mine. I have shot with it extensively. Both that and the 200 push one stop very easily. Interestingly, although they have very similar formulations, they are not *precisely* rebadged Superia. They have different edge markings, and have been manufactured in different plants.

        All the best,

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