I have come to the conclusion…

…that this 2016 UltraMax 400 is kind of junky.  It doesn’t push all that well any more, and rather wants to be shot at base ISO.

That being said, if you play your cards just right with it, you can get some rather exquisite-looking portraits.

These were shot at ISO 1600, and pre-flashed in Rodinal.

5 thoughts on “I have come to the conclusion…

  1. Karim Ghantous says:

    I saw the trailer for the film, ‘Lady Bird’. Quite frankly, the DP could have saved himself the trouble and just shot UltraMax slightly underexposed. (Okay I’m half kidding…)

    Actually if you ever have to light a film production, you can look very sophisticated with simple tricks like that. “So what’s the secret to the look of this film?” “UltraMax.”

    But, being slightly more serious, this film does look good at base ISO, and overexposed, from what I have seen. Not quite as nice as Fuji, though. How much do you pay for UltraMax compared to Portra?

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