12 thoughts on “The Problem with Superia 200…

      • beautifulgrain says:

        I’m experiencing comeback to superia 200 and other fuji consumer films at the moment. Now I’m testing c200 and try to get understanding how it differs from superia 200. Had you tries this emulsion, any thoughts?
        And next in tests will be JP home market specific – superia 400 premium. yes yes yes πŸ™‚

      • Aivaras says:

        Here you are, some fresh shots: http://www.beautifulgrain.com/tag/c200/
        Half internet say that C200 is same emulsion as superia 200, but with less quality control in production, other half of internet say its different. I’m in the process of understanding that. πŸ™‚
        Looks like same emulsion as agfa vista plus 200.

        Anyway – its still available and its cheaper than superia 200. At present from my results it seems that its a little bit more muted in colours, but I have to shoot more to understand.

      • mewanchuk says:

        Many thanks, Aivaras.

        (…you know you really shouldn’t believe everything you read on the intarwebs)


        Anyway, I do like the look of that C200. The blues appear more vivid–kind of like the Agfa Vista–so maybe the emulsion is indeed closer to the Agfa than the Superia (they are, in fact, slightly different…or so says THIS little piece of the internet).

        All the best,

    • mewanchuk says:


      This IS colour negative film…and they discontinued it. T’aint much left, I fear, before they are out of the market entirely…

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