3 thoughts on “Proof Positive

  1. jkjod says:

    Does this lens leave your IVsb ever now? Also, positive as in your finally processing black and white slides??? I hope so.

    • mewanchuk says:


      Leave the Canon–yes, just yesterday, to try and figure out exactly what the focusing behaviour is wide open (back/front) and determine if the IVSb rangefinder is out…which apparently it can be quite easily (though I thought I fixed it, despite the fact that some of the photos look a little “glowy” wide open….)

      Still with me??

      Incidentally, it is, in fact, the only screw mount lens I now possess…so if I want to use the IVSb (which I may not want to a lot longer, as the RF patch is small and hard to work with) it has to be that very lens I use.

      Cool camera, but a pain to fiddle with.

      That being said, the the title here probably should have been “Proof Negative” although I WAS definitely there, making it a positive in that regard.

      On that note, however, you should probably stay tuned…………

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