Compendium Six – Full Stops Only

This is a big one…also featured on The Analog Vacation.  A mix of Superia 400, Vista 200, and Kodak (Gold?) 200.  I hope you enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Compendium Six – Full Stops Only

  1. Karim D. Ghantous (@kdghantous) says:

    Wow, man. Such a wonderful collection. Some A+ frames in that lot. You captured the mood as well as anyone can, I think. Perhaps the mood that I am feeling was not the mood that you felt, but it’s there nonetheless. Conveying mood is one of the highest qualities, whether you’re sketching with a number 2 pencil, or shooting silver halide inside a titanium camera.

    (The only thing you’re missing is a radioactive lens!)

    The fact that you shot on film perhaps didn’t make better photos, but it did make better *looking* photos. I always say that I like your approach, both in the way you take photos and they way you present them. There is a lot of texture, and I’m not merely talking about colour or grain. I think that you are exhibiting the texture of the environment you inhabit.

    What a shame that it’s almost impossible to find optical colour printing these days. Some of these would look really nice as huge prints.

    I’m not sure that capturing memories on nothing but a phone is really going to give you the magical feeling that you get when you’re having a good time. I’m not sure that clinical, retouched and filtered images, devoid of any honesty, are really what people want at the end of the day. In time, a lot of people are going to regret the way they took photos. You won’t. 😉

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