One of my favourite portraits of late.

Incidentally, I should point out that I am seeing –ZERO– difference between the “amateur/home” three-step colour development kits (developer-blix-stabilizer) and the four step “hoighty-toighty” kits (developer-bleach-fixer-stabilizer).  Furthermore, I actually haven’t been using inversions for years–agitations are just fine, no matter what you read.

Finally, you don’t need to agitate the Blix every 30 seconds…15 agitations every for the first part of every minute are sufficient.

I have updated my “Colour Development Guide” to reflect the reality of my process.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: If you can develop B&W, you can develop colour…as long as you have a reliable method for precise temperature control.

4 thoughts on “Sunflowery

    • mewanchuk says:


      Updated for clarity—agitate for the first 10-15 seconds of every minute (rather than 8-10 agitations every 30 seconds).

      I am ultra sad that Agfa is no longer available…it is an unspeakable filmic tragedy of epic proportions.

  1. Peter | Prosophos says:

    Beautiful portrait Mark, just beautiful.

    I have also been enjoying your *Compendium* series of posts. I know your rational for starting the format, but honestly, it’s a shame that each image isn’t show-cased in its own post… all of them are that good.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thank you very much for the kind sentiments, Peter.

      Unfortunately, the people HAVE to see these pictures, and they would never get posted one at a time…


      (kidding, kidding…it is quite a liberating format though!)


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