One thought on “Compendium Nine – Randomness

  1. Karim D. Ghantous (@kdghantous) says:

    Some of these are absolutely terrific! There is nothing but authenticity in these. These are the sorts of family photos that ought to line the walls of people’s homes. Baby J is *always* ready for her close-up, it seems. 😉

    I had to LOL at her Ok sign because of all the moral panic on Twitter about it. It’s hilarious but there is something sad about it, too. I mean, for goodness sakes, it’s an Emoji! But when we are faced with absurdity we must always laugh. Always!

    Whenever I see a film shot (BTW I know some of these are digital), I think of how amazing digital cameras have become in a few short years. A7s, A9, M10, X-T3, etc. And I think that even with all these advances – most of which are actually useful – I can’t see film being supplanted. That shot of Edmonton’s city centre just wouldn’t work on digital. It could be improved with a larger film format, of course.

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