Shortly after these were taken, the lens completely discombobulated and had to go back to the seller.  Unfortunately the shipping will probably cost me as much as the refund I get back.

In any case, I think I am going to like shooting with the combo…though at times I still wonder why I haven’t given up on MF completely…

So so labour-intensive.

Tri-X 400 pushed to ISO 1600.

5 thoughts on “Field-Testing

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Peter—it’s actually a lens that I have used before…just trying it on an older, more robust body.

      In regards to the pooch…yes, about six months ago actually. We just came to the realization that we couldn’t cope as a family, and didn’t want her home alone a lot. We ended up finding a nice family on a farm for her, and wanted to get her established while she was still a puppy. It was definitely hard, but things were just a bit too insane around here. Imagine that, lol…

      Thanks for asking,

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