Newest lens acquisition for the 645 system…arrived from Japan despite the postal strike.

Minimum focus is a tad long for my tastes (1.2m) but it is hand-holdable at 1/60s.

Tri-X pushed to ISO 1600 in D76.

6 thoughts on “110/2.8

  1. greg g49 says:

    I know nothing about 645 systems, 110/2.8 lenses, or pushing Tri-X two stops in development, but I do insist that this is the best pure portrait image of your elder daughter you’ve ever posted. There are others that I have liked a great deal, but this one is just singularly wonderful. I bet even she is pleased with it…

    • mewanchuk says:

      Many thanks, Greg.

      That’s kind of the way I feel about it too. It really was an innocuous portrait, but it sort of captures a glint of her essence all at once: Pleasant, lovely, mysterious, mischievous and troublesome all at once—

      Hence the alternate instagram title of “Complexity”.



  2. kdghantous says:

    “What I’m going to do is build a wall, an extra wall, in Mark’s house, and I’m going to make him hang all his best photos on it. We’re going to do it. Believe me.”

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