Compendium 22 – A Galaxy Far Away

Found a half-shot roll from the summer sitting in the F100, and finished it today.

The first 8 are on Kodak Gold, shot on the MP.  The next 17 are on Agfa Vista 200 from the F100 (as an aside, the 50/1.4G is hugely underrated on film) and Agfa Vista 200 just might be my “forever desert island outside film”–too bad it too has been discontinued.

Anyway, if you hadn’t already done the math, the title refers to the galaxies apart that the summer and the winter now seem…

2 thoughts on “Compendium 22 – A Galaxy Far Away

    • mewanchuk says:


      Yes, and No–Although they did switch production from Ferrania to Fujifilm at some point (circa 2005?) my own reading and experimentation have led me to believe it is (was!) a custom emulsion, with subtle tweaks to the finishing process over Fuji C200. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s banding on the film stock itself is also slightly different.

      I may have to shoot them side-by-side at some point just to satisfy a (now-irrelevant) curiosity.


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