The Opposite of Film

So I am away (and yes, I am mostly shooting film…) but this photo was quite the opposite:

It was shot on a camera which was plugged directly into an iPad over USB-C, and edited entirely on Lightroom Mobile.  It was automatically uploaded directly to the “cloud” (whatever that means…) and posted here without me ever having touched an old-skool card reader or computer.

The original will apparently be waiting for me on my desktop when I get home.

What a time to be alive.




7 thoughts on “The Opposite of Film

  1. jkjod says:

    I’ve been extremely keen to figure out this workflow…edit on Lightroom Mobile, then upload card when you get home. I haven’t figured it out yet.

    Also, this is doing nothing for the “I really need a vacation” attitude that Jess and I have right now, 😜

    • mewanchuk says:


      Firstly, you definitely *do* need a vacation.

      Second—unless you re-export the edited photos to your card (which I’m not even sure you can do on the iPad…) I think this workflow has to be cloud-based:

      The iPad uploads to your Adobe CC account as you import and edit. Once you get home, you download them all to your main Adobe desktop.
      You obviously require access to consistent wifi for this to occur, but on the bright side, everything is backed up as you go…

      • jkjod says:

        I’m trying to figure out the shoot on card, import to iPad and edit via LR CC, then backing up on Lightroom Desktop when home. I don’t think the 262 will tether (to anything), haha

  2. kdghantous says:

    Tethering, eh? 🙂

    Speaking of the opposite of film, I watched a video on the 3BME channel about using the iPhone as a replacement for cameras. I have always loved using the iPhone as a camera, especially for macro, even though the image quality wasn’t quite there for professional use. Keep in mind that like you, I prefer film photos to anything else. But, it’s pro-ready now, and I say that very confidently.

    I could write my own essay about that subject, but let’s just say that the 6S, which I’m using now, is not bad at all.

    OTOH I also want to eventually try the DxO One.

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