Compendium 32 – Yesterday

These are over a year old now, but I never actually got around to downloading and posting any of them.  Seeing as how it snowed here yesterday (a lot) I decided to leaf through them.  They feel like just yesterday, but it is amazing how much time has already passed…and how much everyone has changed.


4 thoughts on “Compendium 32 – Yesterday

  1. kdghantous says:

    These are superb. What else can I say? The one of Baby J in the yellow dress is a winner – print that one.

    I really like the way you go from one extreme to the other: from grainy b&w 35mm all the way to a modern Fuji sensor, and everything in between and either side. 🙂

  2. greg g49 says:

    Unicorn variations and three birds with jet. Let it snow, let it snow. let it snow… well, not really, but if it nets us these… all worth waiting for.

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