…because she can be sometimes.


This is a test of the 75 Summarit on film…preliminary results suggest that it works.

Edit: Oh hey–and here’s something cool:

Here is the same shot pushed 4.5 STOPS (!!) in LR, and converted to B&W (obviously due to the gross colour distortions resulting). That is the dynamic range of film for you.

7 thoughts on “Two-Face

  1. Ian says:

    I pretty much only use a 75mm Summarit (f2.4) on my M3 absolutely love it. The Summarit’s are underrated gems.

    • mewanchuk says:


      I should probably trade you then, as your f/2.4 goes to 0.7m, but your M3 only does 1m…

      Whaddaya say??


      (Thanks for the comment—all the best!)


  2. Ian says:

    No interest in the slightest of getting under 1 meter to the subjects I shoot. If you can only shoot portraits and that’s your thing only, well that’s your thing only, those specs are irreverent to me. Cheers Ian

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