7 thoughts on “New lens who dis

      • mewanchuk says:

        …except that I was focusing on the wall behind him 🤣

        Seriously though…I don’t know whether I got a bad copy, or I am just getting old, but this thing is confounding me. There is field curvature (focus and recompose–fuhgeddaboutit) and you can just forget about shooting at f/1.25–the lens is soft, and the DOF is just too thin…but you probably knew that already.

        As far as size goes, it is really not all that obtrusive. It is slightly smaller than a new Noctilux–about the size and weight of the old f/1 lenses. It balances nicely, and really feels good in hand. Unfortunately I think it is probably destined for a return, in favour of the Voigtlander version.


    • mewanchuk says:

      Hi Naomi,


      At present, it is seeming to be more of a mirrorless “toy lens” than a dependable piece for m-mount portraiture.

      • -N- says:

        Hi Mark – Matt Day just did a review about this lens. When you mentioned the calibration, I figured it would be that lens. Seems like a PITA to me. For modern stuff, I want it to be easy and work. For vintage stuff, like my pre-war folding cameras, I expect there to be a bit of work involved, and willingly do it. (I did it today, for instance, with my 1937 Welta Weltur.)

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