Compendium 43 – 645

A while back, I was considering selling my 645 rig…then I shot it a bunch.

So here you go…all medium format, and best viewed large.

7 thoughts on “Compendium 43 – 645

  1. -N- says:

    Nice series! I’ve been pulling out all my 6×6 folders and 6×9, too, and loading them up and shooting with them. Manual exposure, take your time, blah blah blah. Even my Retina and Weltini folders are being put to use. Just sent the Yashica D out for a CLA. It’s a blast.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks very much, Naomi! I tend to go in “fits” with the medium format–I’ll leave it be for a long period (wondering if I should even own it, given the hassle involved in scanning…) and then I’ll go on a bit of a binge.

      Presently in binge mode.


      • -N- says:

        We all cycle through our toys. I do. That’s why things don’t get thrown out or given away. I have many toys with which to binge . . .

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