3 thoughts on “Somewhat Arctic

  1. seatacphoto1951 says:

    I note that you mention the Epson V600 and Negative Lab Pro. Is the V600 able to do a scan that remains a negative with the original software or are you using Vuescan? I have not tried NLP but the other day I did scan using the RAW format in Silverfast which does result in a negative scan

    • mewanchuk says:

      Hi SP,

      I am not sure about the original software, as I am using VueScan to create a linear DNG (which obviously does remain a negative using the “image” setting).

      There are detailed instructions on the NLP website.


  2. -N- says:

    Brrrrr! We will be somewhat tropical over the next few days – in the 80s. Today it’s a chilly 69F max. I turned on the furnace – damp fog is chilling! ;-P

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