Has Photography Saved Your Life?

…because yesterday, it saved his.

…He was being a housebound teenager of 13–A jerk to everyone around him for no particular reason, other than the fact that he wasn’t getting his way.

So I finally put a camera in his hand, and out we went.

These are my photos, not his…because he didn’t finish his roll…

But fortunately we both came out the better for it.

10 thoughts on “Has Photography Saved Your Life?

  1. Dave Uhlig says:

    Great story and really hits home. My son, who is 20 now and a stud sophomore at college, has been shooting now for about 4 years. He is incredibly gifted and it’s been absolutely incredible watching his growth in the discipline. My favorite thing is us sitting in my office talking photography. Hopefully your son sticks with it.

    • mewanchuk says:


      Thanks very much for the message. I hope my son sticks with it too–glad to hear it is a bond for you and yours.

      (BTW–how did you get him, to move out? Asking for a friend…….)


      Best regards in the new year,

  2. -N- says:

    I remember those days when I was a snotty teenager. Rather than a camera put in my hand, I got a good slap in the face! I like your approach better.

    • mewanchuk says:


      He was a little too selective to be shooting 36 frames…Maybe that’s a good thing lol.

      (Yes, Hassy is sort of back…but I’m not sure. I think there may be a slight light leak, and my eyes are getting too dang old to focus properly!)

      • jkjod says:

        Too old…too many cameras…pssh, that’s what the magnifier is for! Come to STL I’ll get you some bifocals.

  3. Karim D. Ghantous says:

    You may have heard of Osho? He said that creativity is a form of meditation. Of course, I think he’s absolutely right.

    I have noticed that creativity, photography in particular, brings people out of deep funks. It’s the only ‘treatment’ that works (for most people, that is!) from what I have seen. Didn’t Peter also have a similar experience?

    Creativity in general is not merely the cure for social ills – social ills occur when we stop being creative. Think about why graffiti exists – people cannot help but express themselves. They think that they are merely vandalising the street, but what they don’t know is that they yearn to be truly creative.

    Even if there was zero money in art, people would still do it, and just as vigorously as they do it today.

  4. Aivaras says:

    Strong story. Let’s expect he gets into it.
    And to answer rhetorical question – photography is saving life at least mine and its still doing today. Well “saving life” is very strong word (maybe too strong), but I see my photo journey as a sort of meditation, that helps to balance my life and gain peace of mind.
    Your question resonated, as at the moment, well in fact right NOW 🙂 I’m writing an article about why we shoot and biggest part of it is about sanity / internal balance.
    Last – I think You are providing right support to your teenager!

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