Greener Times


Some minor scrapes and bruises, but we all survived the summer…

Ektar 100 scanned on the replacement Opticfilm 120 (Film transport on the first one died).  They appear to have done some work on the hardware, as the film carrier windows all move sensibly now.  Unfortunately, however, the iSRD on this scanner appears “off…”

For some reason VueScan is no longer properly functional for color spot correction.  This negative was scanned on Silverfast 8.5 (which I hate…) but which also seems to have improved in constructive ways.

One Pile of Girls


A beautiful moment from the warm, sunny, summer…which now seems so far away.

Some kind of film shot on some kind of Hasselblad and developed by TheFindLab.


(Summer come back!!!!!)


The Many Faces of M


Flipping through the Archives…bunch of portraits I meant to post, but never got around to.

First one is Hassy with the 110mm; the rest are with with 80mm.  Mix of films used.

Photo #2 is my runaway favourite.

First one is self-developed in color and converted; last three are by TheFindLab.





Agent P


This one is a bit experimental–done in the cinematic style of my good friend Peter.  This may break some photographic and compositional rules, but I like how it draws the viewer in–it is a slight crop of a 645 negative.  The book (in case you are interested…) is titled “Agent A to Agent Z” by Andy Rash–I’ll leave you to figure out what it’s about.

Chicago, IL

Oot-and-aboot on our recent trip–conditions were mostly rainy, but I had a chance to shoot a few rolls with the Hassy.

A historic city, with some interesting contrasts–beach right around the corner from downtown!

The smiley guy who helps you part with your money is Dan Tamarkin–drop him a line if you are in the neighborhood.

(Files processed and scanned by TheFindLab).

I hope you enjoy,


In Praise of Freezies


Taken today on Agfa Ultra 50.

I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the wardrobe here is color coordinated to both the vegetation, and the watermelon Freezies.



Couldn’t decide which one I liked, so you have to see most of them.

Hope your day was just as fun!