Can you tell the difference?

…Because there is a difference; and it’s a big one.

(Incidentally not the one I thought–but a difference nonetheless)


Both scanned the SAME way in Vuescan Professional, using no sharpening or dust correction.  Three passes with Multi-Exposure, no enhancement present, 2650 DPI.

Dust spotted, and processed to taste in LR 5.7.1 (WB, crop adjustment, tone)

Exported to JPG, and posted here for your perusal.

EDIT: The upper scan was with the Opticfilm 120; the lower with the flatbed Epson V600.  For comparison purposes, here is the same scan with the Opticfilm, using Silverfast as intended

Mother’s Day

Our tradition of sorts–Mother’s Day on Medium Format.

(Look at this beautiful family I’ve been blessed with!! 😍)

…Now tell me this could have been taken on a Nikon, so I can get on with my life and stop looking at scanners!!


I rarely shoot in the vertical orientation…

Portra 400 pushed to ISO 1200 and pre-flashed in Rodinal–I just liked the B&W version best.