I sent in two rolls of Velvia 50, and one roll of some ancient Kodak ISO 64 slide film (which I shot at ISO 25) to be professionally developed.

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of buying, mixing, and developing E6 chemicals again myself…let alone the scanning.

The total was $116.55 CAD.

Initially when I got the scans back, I was crestfallen–

My keeper/hit rate was poorer than I had hoped.

When I looked closely, however, I came up with 16 images (out of a possible 32) that I was satisfied with.

50% hit rate, $7.28 an image.

Not bad, I guess…

Some of these photos might be worth $7.28.

However, I wouldn’t be shooting film in any capacity whatsoever, if that’s what it actually cost me.  Thanks to TheLab Vancouver.