Merry Christmas 2019

Well gang–thanks for sticking with us through another year!

All the best of the holiday season to you and your families.

From all of us here at iftimestoodstill industries.



The Difference

Well, the ‘ole V600 died yesterday.

I though about picking up another one, but after much hand-wringing, decided to spring for a V800 instead.

This is the best I could produce with either scanner.  Same treatment in scanning, conversion (NLP) and post-processing.

Worth the extra?

Four shots, two ways.

Briefly had a (semi) willing participant–

These are shot on two different formats, using two different lenses, on two different films–only the manufacturer is the same (Fuji).

I haven’t normalized anything beyond crop and final file size here–not aperture, not FOV, not shutter speed, not white balance, not processing.

Some were a LOT more work than others.

Is there a difference?

Is it worthwhile?  Preferences?

(I won’t reveal equipment just yet…)



I shot this roll specifically to get these two shots.

The first is the new Takumar 150mm f/2.8, and the second is with the standard 105mm f/2.4–both wide open.




Alright…with all this chatter about The Producer, I have to reassert myself.

Here’s one of her, so you know I took it.


I like the first version for the setting and background, but the second crop is probably the one I’d print…





New film, new chemicals, new scanner, new dresses…

I can’t do it any better than this folks.

Fuji Pro 400H @ f/3.2, 1/250s.

Liking this film…a tad less magenta than the Portra.  Seems to require a tiny bit more development.

Thanks to the lovely models…you’re all hired!