Four shots, two ways.

Briefly had a (semi) willing participant–

These are shot on two different formats, using two different lenses, on two different films–only the manufacturer is the same (Fuji).

I haven’t normalized anything beyond crop and final file size here–not aperture, not FOV, not shutter speed, not white balance, not processing.

Some were a LOT more work than others.

Is there a difference?

Is it worthwhile?  Preferences?

(I won’t reveal equipment just yet…)



I shot this roll specifically to get these two shots.

The first is the new Takumar 150mm f/2.8, and the second is with the standard 105mm f/2.4–both wide open.




Alright…with all this chatter about The Producer, I have to reassert myself.

Here’s one of her, so you know I took it.


I like the first version for the setting and background, but the second crop is probably the one I’d print…





New film, new chemicals, new scanner, new dresses…

I can’t do it any better than this folks.

Fuji Pro 400H @ f/3.2, 1/250s.

Liking this film…a tad less magenta than the Portra.  Seems to require a tiny bit more development.

Thanks to the lovely models…you’re all hired!