NPL Does B&W Too!

These two files were both scanned and processed exactly the same way–but there is one important difference:

The second was scanned using the Betterscanning holder, with ANR glass.

If you zoom in, you will note a definite increase in sharpness–but the interesting thing is the ever-so-slight difference in the actual character of the file–presumably due to the slight curvature of the film, and differing height above the scanner glass.

Holders matter, people.

Unfortunately, I may have to invest in another film scanner (? Braun–WHERE ARE YOU Opticfilm Pro??) as I think there is more in the negative here, and the Epson seems to be maxing-out.  The Epson is definitely good…but good enough, I’m no longer certain.


Well, here is the same negative placed right on the V600 glass, with the Betterscanning ANR Glass placed over it.  It may, in fact, be even sharper, but the difference is extremely hard to notice.  At the very least, it is certainly NO WORSE than the second scan, leading me to believe that either (1) Film flatness matters more than height; or (2) the Epson V600 is really maxed out in terms of detail resolution.

Below are crops of both images, with the Negative-on-glass on the RIGHT (Left is the Betterscanning holder)

Admittedly, these files are a tad flat (and shot at ISO 80 on finely-grained film…) so I may repeat the experiment later using something with a bit more structure.

Compendium – One

So I’ve decided to try something different…

Most weeks I shoot five or six rolls of film…then it sits on my desk for a bit.  Usually I’m lucky if I can remember what it is, and what I shot it at.  Throw in some digital here and there, and most days I’m not sure what I should post.  As a result, I’m going to try one or two “mass posts” per week instead…a compendium, if you will.  This one happens to be B&W.  They may be colour, monochrome, film, digital or all of the above…

I can’t tell you what I shot these with, but this is Rollei Retro 80S, developed in D76.

(Please click on a photo, and scroll through the larger gallery!)

I hope you enjoy…



The Flying Dog

Taken about 90 minutes ago;

I almost deleted it…but then realized the dog was levitating.


It’s not perfect, but I like it for the sense of motion…and that I caught it at all.