Can you tell the difference?

…Because there is a difference; and it’s a big one.

(Incidentally not the one I thought–but a difference nonetheless)


Both scanned the SAME way in Vuescan Professional, using no sharpening or dust correction.  Three passes with Multi-Exposure, no enhancement present, 2650 DPI.

Dust spotted, and processed to taste in LR 5.7.1 (WB, crop adjustment, tone)

Exported to JPG, and posted here for your perusal.

EDIT: The upper scan was with the Opticfilm 120; the lower with the flatbed Epson V600.  For comparison purposes, here is the same scan with the Opticfilm, using Silverfast as intended


Found this roll of Velvia 100 in my drawer.  I hadn’t developed it, as I ran out of E6 chemistry at the time.  I’m not sure what it was shot with, but I think it is about two years old.

Some nice memories on this roll.  The first shot is totally out of focus, but I totally remember the moment, and it was too funny not to post.

Oh…and proper slide film is actually beautiful.

The Watchful Eye(s)


More Velvia on the Hassy.

Now the question is: Whooo was watching whooom? ( ← you see what I did there??)


Yes, I know it’s not perfectly composed, but sometimes you just have to take the shot before she notices.  (The Owl, I mean…)






…You would be too if a polar bear was about to eat you!

Velvia 100, lab-developed.

Last roll through the Hassy before it moved on…couple more shots to follow.

(NB: No polar bears OR children were harmed in the making of this photo).