Compendium 24 – Zooming In

Most of these were taken on my top-secret new-old lens (Summicron 90mm Pre-Asph E55) which I had once but wrongly sold, bought again but then returned (mis-calibrated) and finally managed to find again in good condition at a reasonable deal…just CLA’d by Leica and “Optimized for Digital” nonetheless! (whatever that means…)

So I shot it on film.  😂

HP5+ pushed to ISO 800 and developed in D76.

Back in the Sandler

…or “The Saddest Little Mouse”.

(Anyhoo, you see what I did there?)

Saddle + Mandler = Sandler.

(Or Sandle.  Or Maddle…I don’t know).

In any case, the mouse is sad, because the lens is front-focusing (yes, on a few bodies…) and needs to be re-calibrated.

Should never have sold the first one to begin with.