The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

…No, I haven’t read the book, or seen the movie, so I realize it is probably not a good reference;

Why she has the tattoo is a rather long story, relating to school, and a recent Indigenous Day…Some of the tattoo has since washed off during swimming lessons Saturday.

That being said, the fact remains: She has a (temporary) dragon tattoo, and she’s a girl (with attitude to spare).  I thought the picture was decent–and the title even better–so I went for it.

Apologies to the actual author for the actual plagiarism.



…because she can be sometimes.


This is a test of the 75 Summarit on film…preliminary results suggest that it works.

Edit: Oh hey–and here’s something cool:

Here is the same shot pushed 4.5 STOPS (!!) in LR, and converted to B&W (obviously due to the gross colour distortions resulting). That is the dynamic range of film for you.