Compendium 12 – Lost Relevance


This is Agfa Scala 160–but traditionally developed in D-76, instead of R100.  (Yes, it is somewhat a waste of the film, but I lost a roll’s worth of developer anyway…)

Granted, the negatives do not look as cool as the positives would have, but in this day and age, I can’t help but wonder if the relevance of transparency film has really passed.  Slide film is more difficult to expose properly, harder to scan, and certainly more difficult to develop. Given the ability to post-process (adjust blacks and contrast, mainly…) the resulting look is nearly identical.  Been there, done that…but otherwise hard to make the argument for reversal developing.

Full Circle

I developed my very first roll of film over six years ago now (it’s hard to believe it has been that long…June 2012!) At the time I was shooting with a black Zeiss Ikon, a 50 Lux, and a Voigtlander 35/1.2 vII.  For a variety of reasons, the gear is finally back.



This one was taken almost ninety years ago to the day, yesterday…

From what I gather, it was a 35mm lens, and some old cinema film.


More info to follow…





Something was funny…not sure what it was.

(maybe it was me?)

Ektar 100 shot @ 200, f/1.4

Developed for 4:20 in some nearly tired chemicals.