This is Okay

…We’re all…okay.


But I’ve been up to no good:


The Portra 400 is all gone.


Truth is…I really don’t like Portra 400.

It’s finicky to develop, and price-wise, I have never been all that “wowed”.

I found a case of it, and thought the “100 rolls” project would be a good photographic goal…

But I think I’m happier shooting Agfa, Superia, and UltraMax.


In any case, the show must go on…

As a result, the project will now be “100 Rolls of Colour”

(Oh, and This is Superia 400 pushed to ISO 800, and Pre-flashed in Rodinal).


…always with the oldering.

Five today.

I told her to stop…

But she won’t listen.

Time just refuses to stand still.