The Bizarreness Effect


This is the same “Lomo 800” but on 35mm stock.  These were all slightly over-exposed, and developed in fresh, minty chemicals.

These were all shot on the hand-made MS Optical 50mm Sonnetar f/1.1, just back from a tune-up by Miyazaki-san in Japan.  It seems to hold its own relatively well on film.

A character lens, on character film;

Just one more service we offer here at Iftimestoodstill Enterprises.  (…And don’t ask me how I got that last shot).








There are some who may not like this photo because it is

“Too Busy” or

“Too Nauseating” or

“Makes me want to barf”.

(I’m lookin’ at you, Producer…)

But I simply can’t post technically flawless photos every single time.


Anyway, this is the Top Secret Lens of Intrique™ resurrected for some summer fun.  The color version is indeed a bit overwhelming, but I like the effect of this one–it sort of seems like Baby J is moving into hyperspace…which everyone around here seems to be in, most of the time.

…And if you don’t like it either, that’s OK: I give you permission.