Special Guest Star

Eldest son, armed with a Nikon F100–Had a little walkabout to talk about composition (of which I know very little, so…..🤣)

He insisted on focusing manually (which is pretty impressive, actually…) and we developed, scanned and critiqued these together afterward, so I guess there is some hope for the lad.


Guest Post: The Birthday Boy!


I’ve had these for a while, so what better time to post them than following the big birthday?

These were taken by the birthday boy on a Minolta Weathermatic Dual 35 (I found one not long after our friend Joe recommended it for submersible and vacation use).  The camera has been a bit unreliable as far as focus and film winding are concerned, but eldest son has had fun using it–He even helps with the film development.  (Start ’em early, I say…)

It also appears I was caught “chimping…” The third photo is the one I took of him, while he was taking one of me.  I believe this will be his first official exhibition.


Without further ado, our world through the eyes of an eight year old…












Something very bad happened while I was at work today:

The Producer picked up the MM…and liked it.  (Yes, focused it and everything…)

As you can see, the results are a lot more than adequate.

This is problematic for a number of reasons:

  1. She is infinitely more creative than me.
  2. Someone else has probably caught the manual focus rangefinder bug.
  3. I am likely to lose exclusivity on my toys.

I guess there are worse things…







Today, I was fortunate to receive a surprise in the mail from my friend Ondřej Caska.

The man is obviously very talented–these are all hand-painted!

(And the subject matter is PERFECT, if I do say so myself…)

Thanks Ondra, you made me smile!

All the best,




Jaromer and Josefov

0734 Portra (29) LQ

Well, seeing as how the man is now famous, (see his recent feature on Steve Huff here…) it is my pleasure to present to you the remainder of the series sent to me by my friend Ondrej Caska.

To me, these are beautiful in the haunting and distant story that they tell.

Ondra and I have been trying to figure out the small light leak evident in the color photos (it is not the lens!) and his M6 is currently off to Leica for a bit of TLC (I think it is probably a pinpoint hole in the shutter curtain).

In any case, I am once again fortunate to have his artistry here for your enjoyment.

Thanks Ondra!


0734 Portra (23) LQ

0734 Portra (16) LQ

Jaromer 3 LQ

Jaromer 4 LQ

Jaromer 5 LQ

Jaromer 6 LQ

Jaromer 7 LQ

Josefov 3 LQ

Josefov 4 LQ

Josefov 6 LQ

Josefov 7 LQ

Cabbage Patch


This one is all “The Producer”…her aunt got the goofy hat, and The Producer took the picture…I just processed it a bit, and put it up for your enjoyment.

(Remember the dolls?)