Noritsu vs Pakon – FIGHT!

While I ready Roll #2 for your enjoyment, I thought I would post these here for your perusal.

This is a quick comparison of the native output from the Noritsu LS-600 and the Pakon F135+ at equivalent resolution.  These are straight off each scanner.  The Pakon is outputting at its highest resolution (3000 x 2000) while this value represents the mid-level for the Noritsu.

Noritsu file first, with Pakon following…

Colour correction appears fairly similar.

Aside from minor differences in framing and white balance, the files appear fairly similar at first glance.  One hundred percent crops below–Noritsu at left, Pakon on the right

On closer inspection the Noritsu appears to output more grain (and grain-level sharpness) with the Pakon rendering a “smoother” file.  Despite equivalent resolutions, there also appears to be more detail preserved.  (This may, in part, be due to the ability to fine-tune scanner focus on the Noritsu).  Furthermore, the Noritsu tends toward a “greener” file, with the Pakon rendering slightly more toward the warmer/violet side.

Noritsu above, with Pakon below:

Again, comparison below; Noritsu at left.

And finally:

Noritsu above, with Pakon below:

100% Crops; Noritsu at left:

Do I have a preference?

Well, I certainly wouldn’t get rid of either, but the high resolution of the Noritsu sure is nice…




Just some random sights on Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue.

It was “one of those rolls–” Many shots I thought would work…just didn’t.

Two Versions Again

One is shot with the M6 and Summilux 50 on Portra 400 pushed to 800, and pre-flashed in Rodinal 1:100; the other is shot on the Hasselblad with 8mm extension tube on Portra 800 at box speed.  Not sure why the highlights are so burned on the one…both were shot at the same time, with comparable settings.