Warming Up

Given what we are all dealing with right now, this seems extremely distant.

That being said, it feels a little “tone deaf” to be posting vacation images.  I am trying to lead as “normal” a life as possible at the moment, but I realize that things are a little widely unhinged.  I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I hope these images bring a little escape. comfort, and happiness.

Take care of each other…things will be “normal” again one day soon.

The Many Faces of M


Flipping through the Archives…bunch of portraits I meant to post, but never got around to.

First one is Hassy with the 110mm; the rest are with with 80mm.  Mix of films used.

Photo #2 is my runaway favourite.

First one is self-developed in color and converted; last three are by TheFindLab.





Chicago, IL

Oot-and-aboot on our recent trip–conditions were mostly rainy, but I had a chance to shoot a few rolls with the Hassy.

A historic city, with some interesting contrasts–beach right around the corner from downtown!

The smiley guy who helps you part with your money is Dan Tamarkin–drop him a line if you are in the neighborhood.

(Files processed and scanned by TheFindLab).

I hope you enjoy,